Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What are the technical requirements that I need to carry out an online course? 
It is recommended that participants have the following technological and computer tools detailed below:
    • Enable Javascript and disable pop-up blocker
    •  Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz processor / equivalent or better (dual core processor recommended)  
    • Operating System :Windows 7, 8 & 10 with all updates installed (updates available at, GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc),MacOs, Chrome OS Android o IOs
    • Memory: 2+ Gigabytes of RAM
    • Hard Disc: 120 Gb
    • TSound card and speakers (Headset with microphone that connects to the sound card)  
    • Monitor: 1024 x 728 pixels resolution or better
    • Software: install the most recent versions unless otherwise specified.  
        ◦Internet browser: Firefox / Chrome / Microsoft Edge or Safari
            ▪ Firefox:
            ▪ Chrome:

Are there any prerequisites and materials for the course?

In the course main page shows the necessary knowledge  you need to have to take advantage of the course contents. 

The content materials are inside the different modules in which the course is divided, as well as the diverse videos and complementary  lectures. 

How much time is necessary to dedicate to a course?
Usually, the dedication is between 2 and 5 hours per week. We recommend reviewing the information of each course to ensure that you can meet the requirements. 

Access to my courses
Inside your Persona l Area you will find the courses where you are  enrolled in. To access the contents, you can go directly to the module that interests you. Each module presents a list of the different activities. 

How do I download videos and/or materials? 
Los vídeos de los cursos se encuentran alojados en canales de Youtube y/o Vimeo, y no se pueden descargar. El resto de materiales como pdfs podrán descargarse al hacer clic en su enlace correspondiente.

How can I activate the subtitles of a video?
When a video has subtitles, they can be activated from the corresponding icon and choose the language from those available.  

What are the communication channels for teachers?
All communications will be made through the collaborative tools available in each course: mainly the forum. Any other communication channel will be established by the teacher within each course.